Let there be Trains (DLC)

Trains DLC – Beta 1

We’ve started an early beta for the Trains DLC and are looking for volunteers to test it.
The test version will for now only be available via Steam for PC, and contains the first two missions.

Find out more about it here: http://forum.kingart-games.com/index.php/topic,13575.0.html


Depending on the feedback we will probably release an update for the beta next week or the week after that, containing missions 3 and 4 of the Trains campaign. Another 1-2 weeks later (once again depending on the feedback) there will be a beta for all players (all platforms).

At the moment it is a lot less effort for us to just make one version. If you have lots of time at hand, could test intensively and DESPERATELY want to take part, but don’t have a Steam version, send us a message and we’ll provide you with a key.


The Book of Unwritten Tales 2 – Just a few hours left!

Our Kickstarter for „The Book of Unwritten Tales 2“ is only running for a few more hours. If you want to be part of it, better hurry up!
And of course we would be happy if everyone could one last time beat the big drum and share the project on Facebook, Twitter and anywhere else. Thank you!


Shout Outs

Hexfield tactical game from the father of the original X-COM!

Update 1.2.1: Better UI & Performance!

This is probably the last update prior to the release of the big „Trains DLC Update“. As always: Your game should be updated automatically (via Battle Worlds Launcher or Steam).

Improved, scalable UI

We’ve updated our UI system. The biggest feature is a new option in the settings that allows you to scale the UI up to 200% of its normal size. So if you’re using a very high resolution or you want to play on your television you should be fine now.

Other improvements include:

  • Better text input (copy & paste, navigation in text fields)
  • Hotkey for “End Turn”
  • Hotkey for “Display unit info permanently”
  • Option to disable the auto chat-login

Let us know if everything works!

Better Performance

We had some performance issues on OpenGL Systems (Mac & Linux). We tweaked a couple of things and the performance should be noticeably better on all systems, but especially on Mac and Linux.

  • High quality settings: Only minor improvements here
  • Medium quality: You should notice a substantial performance improvement here
  • Low quality: Substantial performance improvements
  • (New) Very low quality: This is a new, very fast set of settings

On our low specs Mac test system the performance went up from ~15-20 fps to 30-40 fps in Medium quality. Depending on your system your experience may differ. Please let us know how the performance changed.

Many small things & Bug fixes

  • AI for air raid defense turrets and guard towers fixed
  • Fixed tooltip hide/unhide units
  • The unit info now shows the amount of mines a unit carries
  • Buildings no longer hinder movement
  • Now units turn their turrets when attacking (where applicable)
  • The “Next Unit” and “Sleep” Buttons no longer open the transporter screen
  • Fixed a bug when a mine was deployed next to a hidden unit
  • Fixed a bug where hidden units had been visible for the enemy while they were moving
  • Fixed a bug when loading savegames from the main menu
  • Loca updates for it, fr, es, rus

Changelog: http://forum.kingart-games.com/index.php/topic,13447.0.html



Great adventure game from a great developer ;-) https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/kingartgames/the-book-of-unwritten-tales-2

A group-oriented high fantasy MMO:

A Japanese steampunk adventure game set in London:

Update01: Funding Goal reached; New Video!

That was… unexpected

65.000 dollars in no more than 30 hours?! Are you nuts?!

Thanks to our character artist and cartoonist Marvin for the unexpected night shift ;-)

Thanks to our character artist and cartoonist Marvin for the unexpected night shift ;-)

Many many thanks from the whole team for the support of all you backers!

Here’s what Nate and Wilbur have to say about this:

One step done, three more to go

Thanks to your support all the different great rewards will be available and we can use the cool „projection mapping“ technique for all locations in the game, that enables us to move the camera through scenes more dynamically!

With this we’ve got one goal in the bag and three more in front of us:


Please continue supporting us

  • Please tell your friends and relatives about the project!
  • Post and participate in discussions about our Kickstarter in forums, etc.
  • Please help us spreading updates by „liking & sharing“ them!

Shout outs

As a good old tradition: Here are two projects that might interest you:


Help us tread new paths with the second installment of the acclaimed BoUT adventure game series. A sequel is coming…

Elven palace

The Book of Unwritten Tales 2 Kickstarter: A sequel is coming…


The next installment in the acclaimed BoUT-series will be unleashed in mid-2014 and it will be filled to the brim with puzzles, eccentric characters and the trademark BoUT-humor. But we want to do more; more epic, more shiny, more community involvement, more… of everything!

Yet, to achieve this, we will need your bow. And your axe. And your pledge. And a rubber chicken with a pulley in the middle…

Go here to find the Kickstarter campaign:

Major Update 1.2!

User-generated maps & Ratings

From now on players can upload their own maps from the editor to our server, play maps created by others and rate them!


The editor is now included in the installation directory of the game, so you don’t need to download it separately.
All info on how to create your own maps for Battle Worlds can be found here:


Balancing adjustments

We’re constantly trying to improve the balancing of all maps and units. In the most recent balancing session we changed the following things:

Weakening of Medusa

  • Range of fire: 2-4 instead of 2-5 fields
  • Ammo: 3 instead of 5
  • Costs: 76 instead of 57
  • Hitpoints: 70 instead of 85

After the adjustments the Medusa is still a powerful unit, but compared to other units it isn’t too powerful any more. Especially in multiplayer our goal is to have matches where people build more than just Medusas.

Map adjustments

  • Desert Oasis: Improvements in the positioning of streets and units
  • Radars: Adjustments in the positioning of radars, as well as the number of units


Shout outs

Final Fantasy Tactics anyone?
Crazy ambitious project: